Why Seeking Treatment Earlier For Potential Hearing Loss Is So Crucial

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July 1, 2020
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August 13, 2020

Why Seeking Treatment Earlier For Potential Hearing Loss Is So Crucial

Intervention in the early stages of hearing loss can also prevent negative degenerative brain changes. When hearing loss is corrected or taken care of early, there is no need for the brain to rewire itself to bolster other senses. The hearing aid wearer can benefit from the stimulation of sound, while still maintaining a healthy brain makeup and keep the brain stimulated. 

Despite the importance of early intervention, 5 out of 10 people suffering from hearing loss do not seek treatment. Most wait 2-10 years after noticing an issue to doing something about it.  Some hard of hearing people do not even acknowledge they’re suffering from hearing loss, while others avoid confronting the problem for personal reasons.  Much can happen to a person’s brain in eight years, and much of this deterioration is easily preventable.

The solution? Awareness and pro-activity regarding hearing loss. Everyone, not just those with hearing loss, should take a hearing test regularly. Online tests can offer a first good insight such as ours at californiahearingcenter.com to look into whether or not a full test at a hearing care professional is necessary.   We also offer virtual counseling appointments. 

Hearing loss affects more than just your life, it also alters your brain. If you think you might be losing your hearing, seek a diagnosis. 

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